City Code

Below listed are the chapters of the Belle Plaine City Code. (All attachments are pdf files. Adobe Reader is required to view the documents.)

Chapter 1-Operations and AdministrationChapter 1 Table of Contents
Chapter 2-Boards and CommissionsChapter 2 Table of Contents
Chapter 3 -Licenses and RegulationsChapter 3 Table of Contents
Chapter 4-Public Health and ProtectionChapter 4 Table of Contents
Chapter 5-Motor Vehicles and TrafficChapter 5 Table of Contents
Chapter 6-Streets, Sidewalks and Public WaysChapter 6 Table of Contents
Chapter 7-Public UtilitiesChapter 7 Table of Contents
Chapter 8-Animal Regulations and LicensingChapter 8 Table of Contents
Chapter 9-Franchise AgreementsChapter 9 Table of Contents
Chapter 10-Minnesota State Building, Electrical and Plumbing CodeChapter 10 Table of Contents
Chapter 11-Zoning Ordinance Table of ContentsChapter 11 Table of Contents
  1100-Intent, Purpose and Scope
  1102-Non Conforming Lots, Uses and Structures
  1103-Zoning Administration
    1103.00-Zoning Administration 
    1103.01-Powers Given to the City Council 
    1103.03-Enforcement Officer 
    1103.06-Ordinance Amendments and Land Rezonings
    1103.07-Site Plan Review 
    1103.08-Conditional Uses 
    1103.09-Public Hearings 
    1103.10-Administration - Certificate of Occupancy
    1103.11-Fees, Charges and Expenses 
    1103.12-Interim Uses 
  1104-General Provisions 
  1105-Zoning District Regulations 
    1105.01-Establishment of Zoning Districts and Provisions for Official Zoning Map
    1105.02-Rules for Interpretation of District Boundaries
    1105.03-Restricting Certain Retail Development in the City
    1105.04-A-2 Rural Residential District 
    1105.05-R-1 Single Family Residential District
    1105.06-R-2 Single Family Residential District
    1105.07-R-3 Single and Two Family Residential District
    1105.08-R-7 Mixed Housing Residential District
    1105.09-R-MH Manufactured Homes 
    1105.10-B-2 Highway Commercial District 
    1105.11-B-3 Central Business District 
    1105.12-I-2 Industrial District 
    1105.13-I/C Industrial/Commercial District 
    1105.14-Public-Institutional District 
    1105.15-Planned Unit Development (Overlay) 
    1105.16-FP Flood Plain District 
    1105.17-S-1 Shoreland District 
  1106-Conditional Uses 
  1107-Special Provisions 
    1107.01-Performance Standards 
    1107.03-Screening and Landscaping 
    1107.04-Television and Radio Antennas 
    1107.05-Swimming Pools 
    1107.06-Moving of Buildings 
    1107.07-Pole Buildings 
    1107.08-Outside Storage 
    1107.09-Land Filling Soil, Sand or Other Materials
    1107.10-Excavation of Soils 
    1107.11-Essential Services 
    1107.12-Off-Street Parking and Driveways 
    1107.13-Loading Facilities 
    1107.14-Fire Pits and Recreational Fires 
    1107.15-Aviation Requirements 
    1107.16-Home Occupations 
    1107.17-Highway Commercial and Industrial Design Standards
    1107.18-Wind Energy Conversion Systems 
    1107.19-Public Property/Right of Way 
    1107.21-Storm Water Management 
    1107.22-Preservation of Belle Plaine's Character Design Standards
    1107.23-Housing Ordinance for Rental Property
  1108-Violations and Penalty and Effective Date 
  1109-Land and Water Preservation 
Chapter 12-Subdivision OrdinanceChapter 12 Table of Contents

City's Assessment Policy (pdf)


The Code of the City of Belle Plaine, Minnesota is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the materials published online, the only official edition of the City Code is the printed version maintained by the City Clerk. Downloaded versions are not official. Not that the City Council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to the City Code subsequent to the latest online version of the code. For more information, please contact the Administration Department at 952-873-5553.